Our Vision

VIRA was founded based on the idea of producing modern generation of swing gate appliances with the hope of bringing innovation and creativity to this industry. Our company aimed to manufacture products that were advanced both in design as well as the quality. We were able to maintain this goal by carrying out numerous experiments and conducting researches, all the while using innovative approaches. We are honored to have created high quality products that would meet the needs of our customers and guaranty their satisfaction at all time.
Our Goals
We guaranty “Customer satisfaction” by considering conformity of the goods we produce with the demands of the today’s market and considering tomorrow’s needs. Our motto is simple: “we work hard to stay the frontrunner in creativity, quality and design”. Our plan is to sustain a worldwide sale record by staying true to our motto and supporting our customers at all times. We believe that happy customers are the only advertisement means that we need to accomplish this goal. Our customers are part of our team. In order to move forward, all components of the team must be functioning impeccably. We are a client based company which seeks to listen to and empathize with our customers and address their needs and expectations. Vira is passionate about what it does and bringing satisfaction and safety to its customers. Nothing makes us happier than hearing our customers’ constructive feedbacks and suggestions about our products and in turn we promise to always listen to you and make your need our mission.
“Innovation in design and Technology”
Nowadays using innovative methods in designing “Swing Gates” and Electronic tools plays a crucial role for all the companies active in this industry. We have been assured that we can provide solutions for a wide range of entrance gate requirements.
VIRA Company has produced installer of electric gates and garage door systems for the domestic retail market and export market ranging from smaller entrance gates to larger estate gates. VIRA takes pride in the large portfolio it has established both in rural as well as suburban areas.

Our Work


About Us


Automatic Swing Gate 
VIRA Company is a professional automatic doors manufacturer operating on the design, production, sales and installation of automatic door systems. 
We provide high-quality automatic entrance systems for all kinds of buildings, such as houses, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail business, and so on. The systems that we manufacture can also be used in other industrial fields such as folding stairs, hospital beds, vessel doors and etc. On top of that we are also happy to announce that we can provide you with complete access control system for keeping your doors more secure.
Our Products: Automatic sliding doors, Automatic swing doors, Automatic hospital doors, Sliding gate openers, Swing gate openers, automatic window opener, automatic barrier gate, automatic parking lock, etc.
All our products meet the international standards, and are manufactured based on the world’s latest advances of technologies.
Vira is a growing export market, and is always looking for distributors and sales agent all around the world. You can contact us at all times, and we are dedicated to offer you our best service, best price and best products. Keep in mind that customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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